Dickerson Makes Decision

When Owl Sports Watch spoke with Eli Dickerson last week he had narrowed his list of school choices down to only two, Rice and Stanford.
Today the list is one.
Dickerson ended speculation as to which school he would choose this morning when he called Rice coach Craig Naivar to commit to the Owls. The big left tackle called Naivar just before noon today to join the Blue and Gray.
"I got back from Stanford late last night and had talked to my parents about committing this morning. We decided why not? there's really nothing more that I needed to see to know Rice was where I wanted to go."
Turns out the Stanford trip didn't go quite as well as Dickerson expected.
"I tweaked my knee at another camp before going and wasn't really at 100%. I had to ice it a little the first day; but I participated in all the drills on the second day."
Taking nothing away from Stanford, Dickerson enjoyed the campus and the weather there.
"It was really a beautiful place. The weather was awesome and you just can't find much wrong with the school. But for me there were just a lot more pros than cons in staying home to play at Rice. The education is on par with Stanford and the football team is going to be great with Coach Bailiff there. I just felt more comfortable at Rice."
Dickerson contacted Coach Naivar while the Rice Co-Defensive Coordinator was driving.
"Coach said he almost had a wreck. He said he did a back flip in the car. He was very excited," Eli said with a laugh.
In making his decision today Dickerson said he just didn't see a reason to wait any longer.
"I just couldn't find a reason not to commit. It feels great to be a Rice Owl. I'm feeling very secure in my decision. I think the program is going to do great things."
Dickerson becomes the 6th commit in the 2010 class.
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